Monsoon Math Camp is an immersive, free-of-cost program for advanced high school students. Due to COVID-19, the 2021 edition of the camp will be held online with most activity concentrated over 3 weekends in early July 2021, July 3-4, July 10-11, and July 17-18.

Our pedagogical philosophy is inspired by our experiences in self-learning. We found that transitioning from one level of understanding to the next requires making big ontological leaps. Leaps are often not described in mathematical textbooks and usually slowly inferred through in-person interactions. While we haven’t gotten around to writing better textbooks yet, we are excited to produce sessions that explicitly communicate important intuitions so that students can accelerate their self-learning trajectories.

Courses cover a range of topics, from geometry to topology, algebra to category theory, number theory to combinatorics, differential equations to statistics. It's absolutely okay if you have not had exposure to any of these branches of math, that's what the program is for!

Students who are not yet attending university as of July 4, 2021 are eligible for the program. Students from any part of the world are welcome to apply.


What? A camp introducing students to higher mathematics

Who? Students not yet in university

When? July 3-4, 10-11, 17-18

Where? Online (events during Indian Standard Time daytime and evening)

How? Submit the online application by June 20, 2021. Attendance is free of cost. You need to have an internet connection good enough for video/audio chat.